Wilmette Life (Wilmette, Illinois), 21 Oct 1937, p. 26

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lt, that tht artiult Is inactturatit and Eio. m~r' : Thi, Ï wi~"t" 5 nter TtC~- . T'ht sUce":t' 1_-T7 - r, - f' * ~ r re -afxfive :partIes wvtn i'> c af a4r i ar t : . :a' s'.ti.~dtn¶. Ead b~'s r:"' i'S 71.tes a Z'. >'a.r t' <v4t' ;;undeddri11iatr' Xkc ,,, , rTto atxf:t- r."' r ._ 'v'-.tt coqa '-t>ýrom'1t2 artie >rcYstra. In viea'.in - drinrà;e-r ,r.ýprn: ~ i: ttQ 't>"1akia'*t f',)r '- a->nit a(e.and riotn ?î T't M, U; Ind 1 r ne t-casesc orae-T.ý eNv rit-, aruh .N-ewhoci ur ,,.t4sSf D 'i" ig ~ta~ t' rr> v' kgft't.l. >deir f- c that hi'4 ta.- b .iimàoý> mort dancing. "fht:e- 't'CI Ir ,'Orm>ga rrna :cr.un S , thdtguests -rturn directlv home ai-tf 3Y a:ur. fti a.h ihh ylýsoe--Mtdrrop Ir at C Ç.vs n'n ror ttati fthe t arl.- Tht number of those who go to ~~trobe neiwt.e~ whaia r. ta~ par' w~nu~ r~-F"In haer down n e arxrev, p.ea * ~~ tta t7 -nac' c - r n,-rt n;,,~ )a rties : 1; agçTtau~oï .a nttnwt -c.olrri * roib]e rn 1 aiý r_ý u il U rv~ u~~t ~ q"-' '/D s tt miatana ma4i'n'n?- ' 1c;z, uwo 1 - cr~~'r ' r tttu gr t'103(l) * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a ' lJ'aJ h efr'<> n- ~ ~ '":~~è .3 and et wt nr ietra*ff faux:.twad tj r' ". vn ' a .rekat :3tî,Y~x'- r' Pym ia L-a ' korner av b' ah'Z bN rOUNCIL r \ -- 5 C,' rrr. e M r.- - - - mu'~' ~r.e -Tetv )tidU c1' ter 'ea -paty as inm~iua1 fo -t h oPitct thetVasVmc.hi and nirsr' thn ikel agreat dnal ore *~oiarhgvnt. :n a wt le sae mar Kenritth F(.,Y G]aen c ýt il~ "Tbf- ar~n".'.>. ei"v'.- J~obvrt CarT rntH:'s ~ rante MilmetMalcol.,HErr,d N M fr-. .1< n. Chariùn\i ktW 't Mn.. lame S Shak-rra.. ". -Mrs'. Bra' Flp.Evi't Haberarn.Wiimnetit M4.~ Na-b. an -na.: n in charge (,i M1,- daKurZ.: land Par'K. Mn.. V' i~nBir" inGect n.Tae ' aT~ i Thi. ,vear the number)qý. , ten Ili'tepari; aenpeca- -nt-ii ani alumni. Thf .thsewh]d Tht izacult% is picturt'd a iecn 1t" Iht plihy\sw"al r.);naith su dets ai 1er tdit holiday. T.he average, tudguit anends thIrut (,f itht parit e and et~k>m bv2:3(j. Mst Ite <sent' ta arrive h<wme at 2 :3O-~or .~- 'not dawnï -as tht auxhr~~r~ ~ ~ .xm agi-n~tirjn so described h. TI~e sxudent~ have anc mnr're ar~u- ment ta affer for tht monev "pent. W~ ask tht pare~'n~ tr con-ider. h."w ALAý -Sotne eTIrier Imr U4U UUT t1-lJt dcubt ful. 'Yo'u nentîaned n il-, î STUDENT PARTIES article lhat thu ]lowest pr:cý'pe 'Ed Itý-r. l l- m E:-, E : ,.F-Per san l Li i~the'. Parts.v Couid't Wt. as some ni the zýlvdentl a about- S.4) and even up ta o Q.T: Nw Trr w'jia art plannin' a iemav have been true tai nr:ie Christma'ý partiesztikda h m but it certalinly inot the case ,I y ear. The price, of the four ait range tIroam S1(,tao$S21per ipersan- hw'ith reiunds a definite çsiity )p WJJjL SPEAK 1TIheý-e, indi-,idual prices are lc ntlev to Visit Parishes .-{ s thanit uld cos't for each erc Imette end Genoegivu'a party a- \waâssug-sted 1.) G nexI 'return $1' home at e elleve. 1.I jeil an, addii Lk av-enue,

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